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Sign Up Parties

Sign-up parties are a great way to get to know other Del Rey families while raising money for our school. It's very simple: families get together to plan a party and donate the costs of hosting; attendees purchase tickets to come to the party; and all proceeds go to the school. Sign up for party here.

4th Annual “Off the Courts” Cornhole Tailgate Extravaganza!

Grab your partner and prepare yourself for another year of Cornhole competition! We’ll be celebrating the sport in old school tailgate style so come prepared to represent your team in a big way. New this year... we’ve upgraded our venue to the Sagara backyard fields to allow for more “freedom of play”. It’s time to let your Cornhole Freak Flag fly! A new King and Queen of the court will be crowned as well as a 4th Annual CornHole champion so mark your calendar, grab your lucky bags and get ready to toss your way into the new school year!

  • Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018

  • Time: 5:00 pm

  • Number of People: 48 people (20 Teams), Adults only please

  • Cost: $60 per person

  • Location: The Sagara Residence

  • Host Families: The Demar, Hurst, Johnson, Larsen, Sagara and Yancey families.

Night at the Mediterranean Oasis

Join us for an unforgettable Mediterranean-themed night with your Del Rey friends! This magical night will be filled with music and entertainment, belly dancing, delicious food and adult beverages, and dancing under the stars

  • Date: Sept. 22, 2018

  • Time: 6:30pm

  • Number of People: 100 max (50 couples)

  • Cost: $50 per person ($100 per couple); Adults only

  • Location: The Horoupian Oasis

  • Hosts: Horoupian, Kim, Shindle, Swett and Dugan Families

Mala Gala & Brunch

What could be better than a fun brunch with friends, where you make beautiful jewelry and contribute to a cause that makes our children safer, both here at Del Rey, as well as in our greater community? Come and make beautiful bracelets for a wonderful cause and learn more about child trafficking, which is a problem in our own backyard.

  • Date: Fall 2018

  • Time: Brunch Time TBD

  • Number of People: 15 Max

  • Cost: $50/person

  • Location: Vinita’s House

  • Hosts: Vinita Anantavat, Lauren Grayson & Kristen Hoover

Bravo Trivia Night

We’ll decorate! We’ll cook! We’ll make it nice! Calling all Housewives enthusiasts for a night of trivia fun! From the OC to BH, NY, Jersey, Hotlanta and beyond; THIS is your chance to celebrate your extensive knowledge of every cast, catfight and catch phrase. Dinner will be served and our good friends Bethenny, Ramona and Lisa will gladly promote, er, provide, the beverages for the evening. The table flipping is entirely up to you. Not a Bravo fan you say? Well as the Countess Luann would say, “Be cool, don’t be all uncool” and come anyways! You’ll be surprised at how much you actually DO know… Don’t be Tardy for the Party…sign up tonight!

  • Date: October 5th, 2018

  • Time: Evening

  • Number of People: 40 max, Adults only

  • Cost: $60 Per Player

  • Location: The Bravo Clubhouse (Aka The Taquino Residence)

  • Hosts: Catherine Johnson, Kirsten Larsen, Stephanie Sinclitico, Natalie Taquino

Spooktacular Soiree

Eat, Drink and Be Scary! Enjoy a bewitching evening grooving to Thriller and Monster Mash. You won’t want to miss our Halloween Bash

  • Date: Oct 27th, 2018

  • Time: 6:30pm

  • Number of People: 50 Max

  • Cost: $50 per person ($100 per couple); Adults only

  • Location: The Jones Haunted Mansion

  • Hosts: Jones, Kelly, Lindberg and Strand Families

College Days

Come party like its Senior Year and 12pm classes are the norm. Think house dj, good bites (don’t worry we won’t serve Top Ramen), and some fun college competitions. Dress in your school’s favorite attire, and leave everything else up to us.

  • Date: March 16, 2019

  • Time: 6:30pm

  • Number of People: 60

  • Cost: $75 per person $150 per couple; Adults only

  • Location: The Mucha Residence

  • Hosts: The Cohen, Collins, Fagundes, Mickel and Mucha Families

Bubbles and Blow Outs

Looking for an excuse to get your hair done? Don't want to spend an hour blow drying your own hair? Look no further! Enjoy some small bites, insightful conversation with fellow Del Rey moms, and some sparkling beverages!

  • Date: Spring 2019

  • Time: TBD

  • Number of People: 14 Max

  • Cost: $50 per person

  • Location: Caroline’s Base Color and Blow Drys

  • Hosts: Katie Fagundes, Stephanie Sinclitico, Peggy Walters and Chrissie Strand

Have a party that you would like to host this year? Please contact Chrissie Strand or Maureen Lindberg